The Glitter Studio


The Glitter Studio | A Photo Booth Upgrade


...It's not your typical setup, typical photo booth, or anything you're used to.  


The Glitter Studio is a real portrait setup, with real studio lights, a real backdrop, and a REAL photographer.  You will effortlessly be posed, know exactly where to look, and you will get to take as many shots as you want with as many poses as you want. 

Bring your smile, your drink, and your friends into your on-location studio for the night and enjoy yourself.  The best part?  Digital Files.  We provide a High Resolution Digital File that will last forever, that can be DUPLICATED and printed at 8x10.  Yay!  No more snapping a photo of a photo with your iphone so you can share online.  The host/hostess will receive a full set of high resolution, retouched photos for all to enjoy AND your images can be uploaded to Facebook by our team at the end of the night!  Share YOUR photo, print your photo, heck, order a canvas print with your photo!    

Contact us to learn about background options, and to reserve your on-location studio TODAY!